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About Active Travel Tours

Active Travel Tours

about Active Travel Tours, the active tour travel company

About Active Travel Tours

Active Travel Tours is unique in the world of active and adventure travel tours. To find out more about Active Travel Tours, visit the following web pages:

What makes Active Travel Tours unique?

What are hosted tours and how are they different from guided tours?

What is the difference between active tours & adventure tours?

Visit the Active Travel Blog for news and views about the world of active travel.

Find the perfect active travel tour for your next vacation.

Learn about active travel tour providers worldwide.

Discover active travel tour adventures on the Active Travel Calendar.

See the following topics for more information about Active Travel Tours.

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Active Travel Tour Company

(This page is a duplicate of the “About Active Travel Tours” page in case you missed the first one.) Active Travel Tours Active Travel Tours is unique in the world of active and adventure travel tours. From our style of active tours to our destinations, you won’t find another travel company like Active Travel Tours. Some …

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Contact Active Travel Tours

Please use this form to contact Active Travel Tours. Thanks for contacting Active Travel Tours. Be sure to let us know about your favorite bike tours, hiking trips, kayak excursions and other outdoor adventures.

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Hosted Tours vs. Guided Tours

Hosted Active Travel Tours Active Travel Tours features hosted tours rather than guided tours. Hosted tours have group leaders but not necessarily full time tour guides. Although some of our tours may have guides on specific portions of the tour, we utilize hosts rather than guides for the duration of the tour. Hosts are there …

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Active vs. Adventure Travel

Active Travel Not the Same as Adventure Travel Some people believe that active travel is the same as adventure travel. We respectfully disagree. Active travel is different from adventure travel in the following ways: It is safer. It is geared toward leisurely touring rather than adrenaline activities. It is more relaxed. Active travel is not …

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Free Tours

Two Ways to Earn Free Tours Active Travel Tours provides two ways to earn free tours: By becoming a Tour Host – Tour hosts get their Active Travel Tour for free. This does not include transportation to and from the tour or most meals, but hosts do not pay the actual tour fee. For …

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trail bridge over creek

Trail Tours

Trail Tours Instead of Road Tours Roads are okay, if you’re on a bus tour or an automobile road trip. But to really get know a destination, you need to get out of the car or bus and get on a trail. Trail tours allow travelers many advantages: You get to see places other tourists …

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Active Travel Tour Hosts

What Does it Take to Be an Active Travel Tour Host? Active tours need active tour hosts for bike trips and walking tours. What are the qualifications of an Active Travel Tours trip host? You must work well with people. You should have been on at least two previous Active Travel Tours. On bike tours, …

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Other Tour Companies

Active Travel Tour Companies Information Active Travel Tours is your source for information and updates in the active travel world. Find out about tour providers, specific tours, and active travel news. Whether you are organizing your own tour, looking for active travel tour companies, or just vicariously  living the active travel lifestyle through our active travel website, you’ll find …

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Active Travel Tours Owner

Kevin Purdy Tour Host: Specializing in Active Travel Background Kevin has over 25 years experience as a group travel leader and a lifetime of travel experience.  He is a retired physical education, reading & writing teacher who garnered numerous accolades and awards including: National Board Certification, Who’s Who Among American Teachers, State Congressional Teaching Award, …

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