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Active Travel Tour Company

(This page is a duplicate of the “About Active Travel Tours” page in case you missed the first one.)

Active Travel Tours

Active Travel Tours is unique in the world of active and adventure travel tours. From our style of active tours to our destinations, you won’t find another travel company like Active Travel Tours. Some of the differences that set us apart:

  • Hosted Tours as opposed to guided tours
  • Trail tours as opposed to road tours
  • Affordable tours (mostly due to the two points listed above)
  • Smaller tour groups
  • Limited number of tours
  • Active travel rather than adrenaline travel
  • Tours at your pace instead of ours
  • Bike clubs, hiking clubs & Meetup groups welcome
  • Tour hosting opportunities available for our tour participants

Visit the following links to fulfill all your active travel needs & learn more about our active travel tour company:

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Discover active travel tour adventures on the Active Travel Calendar.

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