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Trail Tours

Trail Tours Instead of Road Tours

Roads are okay, if you’re on a bus tour or an automobile road trip. But to really get know a destination, you need to get out of the car or bus and get on a trail. Trail tours allow travelers many advantages:

family of bike riders near trail tunnel

Family on Trail Tour

  • You get to see places other tourists don’t.
  • Trails are less congested than the usual road-based travel destinations.
  • Trails allow for a more relaxed pace so you can truly see the sites.
  • Trails are much safer than roads.
  • Trails allow for a unique perspective.
  • Trail-based tours provide exercise.
  • Trail tours provide fresh air & sunshine.
  • Trail tours allow for frequent site-seeing stops.
  • Trail tours are much more social due to the ability to stop & talk safely and quietly.
  • Trails are healthier not only due to the exercise but also due to less air pollution.
  • Trails take you to places that roads can’t.



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