May 01

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Active Travel Tour Reviews

Finding the Best Active Travel Tours for Your Needs

If you’re looking for a great bike tour or a memorable hiking vacation can be difficult. The good news is that there are a lot of great active travel tour companies out there. But finding the right one isn’t always so simple. When searching for the right tour provider, here are some questions you should ask:paddle-group

  • Does the tour company provide the kind of tour you’re looking for?
  • Do they provide tours that match your level of activity?
  • What services do they provide while you are on tour?
  • Do they provide a quality tour at a reasonable price?
  • Which tour companies provide the best customer service before, during and after your tour?

What Types of Active Travel Tour Companies Will We Review?

Active travel tour companies provide a wide variety of tour packages based on consumer interests and needs. Some different tour activities include bike tours, hiking tours, kayak tours, canoe tours, snowshoe tours and more. And many tour companies offer a variety of activities within their menu of tour options. But ActiveTravelTours will begin by separating the active travel vacation providers into three main categories:

  • small and/or local tour companies – These are the tour providers that often start as mom & pop businesses and remain small, offering a handful of tours in their own country and possibly surrounding countries.
  • large tour companies – These are the big-name companies that often have hundreds of tours around the world. These companies have large advertising budgets and, as a result, are usually quite well known to active travelers.
  • tour consolidators – Tour consolidators do not actually run tours but contract with (usually small/local) companies. By offering tours from a wide variety of different tour companies, consolidators are able to provide numerous tours from all over the world.

What to Expect From Active Travel Tour Company Reviews

A representative from ActiveTravelTours will actually participate in tours from the companies being reviewed. In some cases, we will provide guest reviews in order to cover as many tour companies as possible. After completing a bike tour, hiking tour or other active travel tour, we will provide our visitors and subscribers with a thorough review of both the individual tours and the tour company. We will base our reviews on company-provided information and our own experience on tour. We will share important facts about the company and their tours as well as opinions about our experience on the tours. We will review both guided and self-guided tours as well as specialty tours such as bike-and-barge tours, trail tours and family tours. And finally, we will provide information about the nuts-and-bolts of touring such as helpfulness of guides, quality of equipment, comfort of accommodations and caliber of the meals.

So if you are looking for bike tours, hiking tours, kayak tours, nordic ski tours, snowshoe tours or any other type of active travel tours, you’ll want to check ActiveTravelTours.com before planning your vacation.

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