Dec 31

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Active Travel Tours Will Feature Island Tours in 2014

Island Active Travel Tours & Island Resorts

active travel tours on the water

This year’s kayak & canoe tours will be on the ocean.

As always, our main focus will be on Active Travel Tours including bicycle tours, running vacations, walking holidays and kayak getaways. But this year (and in 2015) our focus will be on active vacations on islands. We’ll take you around the world and over the seven seas to islands in the Caribbean, South Pacific, Mediterranean and much more. We’ll provide our usual reviews of active travel tour companies as well as resorts where you can stay while enjoying your active vacations.

New Active Travel Destinations and Continued Partnerships

Active Travel Tours, in partnership with Trailsnet.com, will be introducing you to even more great active holiday destinations. With the upcoming publication of the 50 Best Bike Trails in the World, we’re already beginning research on the 50 Best Islands for Biking. In each of our active travel guides (in both print and ebook versions), we’ll include information about the best biking routes, the best accommodations, the best transportation options and the best eateries. Of course for our 50 Best Bike Trails book, we focus on trails, hotels and transportation to the trailheads. We also provide options for getting your gear from one town to the next.

Best Islands for Biking

In our islands biking guide, we’ll focus on what islands are good for bike tours and what resorts have the best locations and accommodations for biking holidays. The island bike holidays will look at both island bike trails and less-crowded island roads for biking. We’ll not only give recommendations on where to stay but also where to eat, where to swim, where to enjoy great night-life and more. We’ve already gotten started on our research and look forward to future island bike excursions. If you have any recommendations, please let us know. We’re fairly booked for 2014 (March is still available on our calendar.) but are fairly open for 2015. We’ll keep you posted on Trailsnet.com and right here on the Active Travel Tours blog about our progress. We’ll be sharing resort reviews starting as early as February and continuing through the year.

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