Sep 12

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On The Move Tours

active travelers on bikesOnTheMoveTours.com can also be found on the web as OTMTours.com.

On The Move Tours is unique for two reasons:

  1. Most of the tours found on their website are “hosted” trips. The best way to describe hosted trips as ones that fall smack in the middle of guided trips and self-guided trips. A hosted tour does not have a leader per-say, but instead it has a host. (Or it often has a hosting couple.) These are people who are along to help things run smoothly. But they aren’t necessarily trail experts, mechanics, or employees of On The Move Tours. They are on the trip to have fun just like the participants. But they also have just enough knowledge of the trip route, lodging, and other details to help things run smoothly. In many cases, hosted trips have the best of both worlds. They are less expensive than guided tours, allow riders to progress at their own pace, and promote a sense of camaraderie among all the trip participants.
  2. Most of the On The Move Tours destinations involve trails. The owner of OTMTours is a strong believer in destination  trails as opposed to roads. The trails are usually safer, more scenic, more relaxed, more historic and, well… more fun.

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