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Florida Trails Tour

Florida Active Travel Trails Tour

turtle beside rail trail

Wildlife on the Withlacoochee

When the weather outside is frightful throughout most of the country, the weather in Florida is actually quite delightful. So let’s head to the Sunshine State for some fun outdoors. This tour is great for riding bikes on some of the best U.S. trails but also for riding other personal transportation vehicles. We’re hoping some recumbent riders join us for this Florida trails tour, and we’ll sample southern trails such as:

This active travel tour is a good one for folks who want to enjoy the great outdoors when it may be a little too chilly in other parts of the country yet mild in the southern states like Florida. This particular active tour is also a good one to combine with Florida attractions such as Disney World, Universal Studios, Miami, the Florida Keys including Key West and Florida beaches.

We always like to know what trail activities people prefer for each active travel tour. What activity do you think you’d like to try on this particular Florida tour?

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