Jan 12

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Active Travel Vacations are “Red-Hot” According to Money Magazine

In a recent Money magazine article, writer Abigail Bassett & Beth Braverman actively touted the benefits of active travel as a way to enjoy a health vacation and to save some money to boot. According to the article, the adventure travel category “has been growing 17% a year, even as economic woes slowed leisure travel…”

In addition to providing travelers with a “renewed sense of passion and purpose,” active travel can provide a

four people in a canoe

active travel for your physical & fiscal health

vacation escape that “will blow your mind without blowing your budget.” Two of the money-saving tips provided by Bassett and Braverman include planning your active travel tour during the shoulder season, when tour prices are lower and seeking local mom & pop tour providers. One xample of a shoulder season tour includes rafting in the spring rather than the summer. This makes sense because the crowd will be smaller, the waters may be more exciting, and the fares are usually less. As for mom & pop tour companies, the authors suggested looking for companies that have been in business for at least ten years and are endorsed by other locals such as the concierge at your hotel.

Of course, here at ActiveTravelTours.com, we write reviews about tour companies of all sizes and price-ranges and, unlike many other websites and tour companies we contact individual adventure-travel companies and discuss everything from the size of their tours to their tour experience and their philosophy on active travel. So keep checking back with us and don’t hesitate to share your travel experiences in the comment section below.

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