Oct 28

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active traveling guidelines

As you begin searching for active vacations, you’ll start to see some common phrases such as best bike tours, cheap vacations, and travel deals.

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active travel doesn't have to be difficult

And many tour companies deliver on their adventure travel promises… but some don’t.

If you take a moment to ask yourself, “How did they come up with that phrase,” you will probably be able to determine if they are telling the true travel story. Remember the old saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t.”

So, if a tour company promises you that they have the best bike tours, find out what makes their active holiday better than anyone elses. What may be the best cycling tour to one person may not suit another.

And is it really a travel bargain? Any tour company that promises deluxe accommodations with 24 hour guided tours at a low price, should raise some red flags. The terms “luxury tours” and “cheap holidays” do not usually fit together. It is very possible to have excellent tours at a reasonable price, but excellent and luxury are not the same thing.

If you are looking for affordable active tours, you may want to look for self-guided tours or hosted tours rather than guided tours. Often the self-guided and hosted tours offer two attractive options: low priced tours and flexible travel packages.

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