May 18

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Berg Adventures International: Extraordinary Adventure Travel

Adventure Travel vs. Active Travel

What’s the difference between active travel tours and adventure travel tours? It’s a topic we’ve explored before on the Active Travel Tours blog. And I’m sure we’ll revisit it at a later date; because some people have trouble grasping the difference between adventure travel and active travel while others refuse to acknowledge that there is a difference. So I have provided the perfect example of an adventure travel company below.

Berg Adventures International Adventure Tours

Berg Adventures International is a classic example of a tour provider that offers adventure tours. Berg Adventure Tours International logoAlthough there is a lot of overlap with some tour companies, Berg’s tours seem to fall decidedly into the realm of adventure travel. They offer tours to adventuresome locations and provide pretty adventurous activities. Take a look at some information taken directly from their website:

“As one of the world’s leading adventure travel and mountaineering companies, Berg Adventures provides unsurpassed experiences for the discerning traveler in many of our planet’s most amazing natural locations. From the heights of Kilimanjaro to the wilds of the Serengeti, from the Andes to Antarctica, from the cities of modern Russia to the summit of Everest…”

via Berg Adventures International: Extraordinary Adventure Travel.

Since I’ve already explained the major differences between active tours and adventure tours in a previous blog, I won’t belabor the point in this blog. Instead, I will provide you with Berg Adventures International as an example of an adventure tour company. Check out their website, their tour locations, their photographs and their tour activities. Then check out the Bike and the Like website.

Bike and the Like Active Travel Tour Company

You will notice on the Bike and the Like website, pictures of  bikers of all shapes and sizes on relatively flat bike paths. You will also notice description like “Fun, social, and affordable.” Their trips are all bicycle tours as opposed to climbing or trekking or safari tours. A sample description of one of the Bike and the Like Tours looks like this:

bike tour on Dutch bike path

Bike and the Like tour

“Visit the fishing villages of the Zuiderzee, cycle past working windmills, follow winding dikes along the beautiful Dutch polders, stop at impressive castles and enjoy the rich foliage of the Island Texel.”

via Bicycle Vacations & Bike Tours in Europe, Holland, California, New England.

I encourage you to visit the websites of the two tour companies listed above. They provide good examples of the differences between adventure travel and active travel. Both options make for great holidays. Just make sure you know whether you are signing on for an adventurous excursion or an active holiday. Then have a great vacation either way.


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