Apr 11

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Bike and Barge Tours in Austria

Bike and Barge Toursbicycle path along the Danube River in Austria

From active travel tours in England, we will move on to bike & barge tours in Austria, after a brief explanation of bike & barge tours. If you’re not familiar with this type of tour, it may just be the perfect European vacation option for bicycle touring. Imagine being able to ride your bike from point A to point B in Europe and having your hotel follow you along the way. That’s essentially what you get with a bike &  barge tour. And let me emphasize the word “hotel.” If you imagine a barge as a dirty, flat, working vessel that plies the waters of a dank canal, then it’s time for a new mindset. Modern barges, like hotels, come in many shapes & sizes. And you can book anything from a budget tour to a luxury vacation on a barge. You will be served delicious meals each day and sleep in a comfortable private room each night. During they day, you can bicycle to your heart’s content knowing that at the end of the road or trail, your floating hotel will be awaiting you with all the comforts of home.

Bike Trail Tour in Austria

Imagine your ideal biking vacation. Would it include beautiful scenery, fascinating history, a safe bike path, comfortable and affordable lodging, and knowledgeable guides? ActiveTravelTours has discovered a website called Tripsite.com that offers bike & barge tours that meet all of the requirements of the perfect bicycling holiday.

  • Fantastic bicycle touring itinerarieslogo for trip site bike and barge active travel tour company
  • Numerous active travel itineraries
  • Road biking or trail biking options
  • All meals including sack lunches
  • A variety of lodging options from budget accommodations to luxury sleeping quarters
  • Medieval villages
  • Historic cities
  • European countrysides
  • Loaner bikes included with the tours
  • A knowledgeable tour leader onboard your boat
  • Fun extras like wine tasting, cider tasting & city tours

If any of our readers have experienced a bike and barge tour, we’d love to hear about it in the comments section below. And, as always, we’d love to get input from tour companies and tour leaders.

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  1. Barge Hotels

    Awesome post! Barge tours and bike tours are famous in Europe and every year lot of tourist from Australia and America come to Europe for Barge tours and like to stay in luxury barge hotels for good traveling experience.

    1. ActiveTravels

      As soon as I have finished biking the 50 greatest trails in America, I plan to head over to Europe to join some bike & barge tours so I can ride some of the great river trails over there.

  2. Kevin Stringer

    Hi there
    Can you contact me with some of your pricing on these tours?

    I will be travelling to Austria in two months time for business, and I am bringing the wife. Would love to do one of the barge tours!

    1. ActiveTravels

      Hi Kevin,

      You will find pricing for the barge tours by following the Tripsite link found within the blog-post above.

      Thanks for contacting ActiveTravelTours and enjoy your trip to Austria.

      ActiveTravel moderator

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