Dec 01

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Bike & Barge Tours

2012 Travel Season

Tis the season for me to start going through my inventory of active travel brochures & catalogues to start planning my… 2013 travel season. I know that seems a long way off for some of you, but I’ve almost filled my 2012 travel itinerary. I have room for one or maybe two more tours on my schedule. As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m focusing on U.S. active travel tours for 2012. I’m pretty heavily weighted to western & midwestern tours so far, so I’d like to add an eastern and/or possibly southern bike tour or inline skating adventure to the agenda. Currently I’ve got tours planned for Utah (Skki Inn in January), Colorado (Train to Trails in May), Missouri (Katy Trail in June or August), and South Dakota (Mickelson Trail Odyssey in September). It’s looking like a Washington D.C. trail sampler could also take place in June or August, but we’re still working out the details on that.

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The family that skates together...


European Bike Tours in 2013

As I mentioned above, I’ve been drooling over some tour offerings in my stack of tour company catalogues and have some great ideas on the table for 2013. One of the tour companies that is looking very attractive is hfholidays with their bike and barge tours throughout Europe. For those of you who aren’t familiar with bike and barge vacations, it’s basically like having your hotel follow you around on your bicycle tour. The attractive part about the hfholiday tours is their offering of trail-related bike tours. In case you haven’t already grown sick of me reiterating, I much prefer trail bike tours to road bike tours. I think they are safer, more relaxing, and conducive to a greater demographic of active travelers. Trail tours, whether for biking vacations, inline skating tours, or winter sport travels, are much more attractive to families, retirees, and a wide range of active travelers. They are often a little less rigorous, much safer, more historic, and a great deal less stressful.

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    Barge Vacation are very suitable for family tours and I am also thinking about barge vacations in Europe this year from Australia.

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      Barge vacations are suitable for family vacations, romantic vacations and active vacations. I like your Barge Connections website. I hope to find out more about your company and whether you offer any barge tours that include lots of bike trail opportunities.

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