Apr 14

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Biking Through Historic Spain on the Camino de Santiago

Bike paths and history and travel, oh my!!

Active travel tours don’t get any better than this one. It’s not just biking, which is great; it’s not just bicycling on a trail which is even better. This tour, sponsored by Saddle Skedaddle, combines bicycling, panoramic scenery, history and one of the best bike paths in Europe.Saddle Skedaddle active travel tour company logo

Camino de Santiago Trail

The Camino de Santiago  is also known as the Way of St. James and is more than just a bike trail. Located in northern Spain, it is an ancient pilgrimage trail with an incredible religious and cultural background. But even before it became a trail for religious pilgrims, it was a Roman trade route known as the Milky Way. In Medieval times the route took on religious significance as pilgrims journeyed to what is now the city of Santiago de Compostela where Saint James was said to have been buried.

Now, modern day pilgrims travel the route on foot, by bike and even on horseback. Of course, many of the current trail travelers make the journey for non-religious purposes. But either way, the expedition carries its own significance to each traveler. However one significant difference for modern day travelers is the variety of options available to each trail wanderer. As always, trail users have the option to make the journey on their own, free to meditate and contemplate as they progress through the countryside. But another option is the organized group rides that are now available.

Guided Tour of Camino de Santiago TrailCamino de Santiago Cycling Holiday - Spain - Camino de Santiago - Biking Adventures

Numerous tour companies offer tours of this historic route, but we’ll look at the Camino de Santiago tour provided by Saddle Skedaddle in today’s blog post. The tour provides eight days of fully supported biking along with good food, great camaraderie and an abundance of historical sight seeing. The route is a moderately paced trip that meanders from Astorga to Santiago de Compostela. Along the way, bicycle riders will have the option to sample local food and view unique architecture. Accommodations for the tour are mostly in small hotels and inns with ample opportunities to meet locals and fellow tourists.

I would love to hear from anybody who has ever toured this region of Spain or enjoyed an active travel tour with Saddle Skedaddle. Feel free to leave a comment below.


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    I would like to do Camino Santiago Trail. Please give me more info: when, how much, how long to do it, etc.

    Thank you.


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