Apr 20

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Bicycle Australia

All Trails Bicycle Tour

Australia bicycle route

Explore Australia by Bicycle

Although the name is misleading, the bike tours sound great. AllTrails Cycling Holidays allow bike riders to explore Australia in its magnificent entirety. That’s the good news. Don’t expect to do it on “all trails” though. That’s the bad news. But still… all of Australia… on a bike. What’s not to love?

Bicycle Stage Riding

How is it possible to ride such a vast expanse as Australia on a bike? The answer is simple: In stages. In fact, bike riders would complete 20 stages in all, if they include Tasmania. (18 stages without Tasmania) And we’re not talking single-day stages. Each stage is a multi-day affair. The folks at AllTrails suggest three years as a realistic goal for completing this epic bike tour. Of course different folks can make the tour at their own pace. And fortunately, AllTrails also accommodates different budgets with options like camping instead of indoor lodging. Below is an excerpt from the “About Us” page on the AllTrails website:



AllTrails are proud of the reputation that they have built since 1997, providing cyclists care and personal attention beyond expectation. They love cycling and are passionate about providing rides packed with adventure, memorable touring experiences and social enjoyment.  Some great friendships have been formed along the way and strong business relationships ensure that hotels and restaurants give AllTrails groups their red carpet treatment.

AlllTrails invite you to come along and enjoy the freedom of cycling, riding at your own pace and connecting with the people around you and look forward to seeing you soon on a legendary AllTrails ride and joining the AllTrails ride community.

via About Us.

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  1. Bike tours Australia

    Bike tours Australia is packed with adventure, memorable touring experiences and social enjoyment,one in all package is there.

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      ActiveTravelTours and Trailsnet.com would be glad to feature your bike tours on our websites. We love active travel, trail travel & bike travel.

  2. Bike tours Australia

    bicycle tour is very amazing and joyful.

  3. Bike tours Australia

    Our famous finale picnic feast and party at the finish villages with the race sponsor Trek Bicycle Corporation.

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