Oct 10

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European Bicycling Vacations

Cycling in Europe

Cycling has always been a popular mode of transport for Europeans. This has been the case for a long time and biking’s popularity is not only in large towns and cities but also in rural villages and the countryside. Whatever city or country you travel to within Europe a bike rental company will not be far away. I work in the hospitality industry in Ireland for the Drury Court Hotel Group and we have noticed in recent years the increasing demand from our guests for bike rentals. People are becoming more active in general and this has begun to cross over into the holiday industry too. In my opinion, the best way to get around and to see any new destination is on a bike. This is not possible for all people to do for a number of different reasons but is worth doing if you are able to and if you have never previously considered it.

Cycling in Cities

City Breaks often entail lots and lots of walking, but if you are like me you will prefer to get up on a bike and see the city this way. It is a quicker way to get around and can be cheaper also because you can avoid using public transport and taxis. The majority of big European cities have become more bike friendly in recent years with the introduction of more cycle lanes, and bicycle parking facilities. Many cities today also have city biking initiatives which provide free or low cost bikes which are available at various bike stations around the city. The cities that offer such a service include Barcelona, Dublin, Paris, Copenhagen, Vienna, London and Paris. If the city you are travelling to does not offer such a programme you will be sure to find a bike rental company within the city. Most bike rental companies will offer a very affordable hourly or day rate for rentals as well as offering bike tours which can be a really interesting way to see any city.

Cycling in the Countryside

If you are travelling to the European Countryside, in France or Ireland for example, you are probably going to be near a small town or village, this is a good a place to start your bike rides from. If you have not brought your own bike with you, many of these types of locations will have a bike rental service nearby that will organise pick-ups and transportation of bicycles etc. for you. This is a very good way of seeing the area from a different perspective as well as getting to cycle places which are not accessible by car or tour bus, such as along the banks of a river or through a forest trail. One bit of advice I would offer to you is that if you are planning on going on rural cycles you need to be somewhat prepared. For example, dress appropriately for the weather, carry plenty of water and some snacks, carry a cell phone in case of an emergency and have a quantity of money on you because sometimes you just don’t know where you might end up.

There is plenty of good information about cycling abroad and biking holidays to be found online so be sure to do your research before you set off.

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