Apr 06

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Finding an Active Travel Tour Company is all About Location, Location, Activity

Unlike real estate, location isn’t everything when it comes to finding an active travel tour company, but it is important.

Active Travel Tour Location

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A world of active travel tours awaits.

So let’s talk about location first. For many people, location is everything when it comes to planning a vacation. They absolutely must find a trail in England, a bike route in Italy, or a hike in Colorado. So location is a great starting point for planning your vacation. First of all, if you think the best biking is in France, then that will inform your decision on planning an adventure tour there. In addition, the weather is another factor for planning your next active vacation. Whereas March may be a great month for a trail ride in Florida, it probably would not be such a great month for a bike trip to Alaska. So definitely consider the weather when planning your next active travel vacation.

Active Travel Tour Activities

But location isn’t everything when planning your active travel holiday. Active travelers usually have favorite holiday activities such as trail biking, trail running, hiking, snowshoeing, or inline skating. The availability of your favorite activity is every bit as important as your active travel location. Make sure you choose an active travel company that features the type of activities that best suits your needs. You will find many active travel businesses, so if one tour company doesn’t have the activity you love, keep looking. There are numerous tour companies that specialize in your favorite activity, whether that is sea kayaking, scuba diving, bicycling or back packing. Below is a very small sampling of some of the great active travel tour companies available:

Active Travel Tour Companies


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