Jul 16

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Is Chartering a Jet Right for Your Active Travel Plans?

How to Look for the Best Jet Charter Company that Fits Your Needs

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Leaving On a Jet Plane

Flying commercial for some individuals and companies is no longer convenient and comfortable. These companies believe that flying on private jet charters is the ultimate travel option. There are no more long lines, no more arriving at the airport three hours before the flight and no more unexpected passengers to sit beside. With a private airline, passengers can follow their own schedule and can choose the other passengers they ride with.

But with the many private airline companies that have sprouted over the years, how will one know which one to choose? How can one look for the best private charter operator that matches their needs?

Here are seven factors to consider in choosing the right jet charter service:

1. Company reputation

The first thing you need to check when looking for jet charters is their reputation. Can this company be trusted? Are they known to provide great customer service? Checking the company’s website is not enough to know about their reputation. Further research online is needed. Getting feedback from family, friends or co-workers who’s hired that charter company is also a good idea.

2. Safety

Safety is of prime importance in any travel. In looking for the best charter company, it’s important to check its safety history. Does the charter airline have an excellent safety record or does their safety history have some negative entries? Every client should make sure they put their safety as a priority and choose only a charter airline that can provide the utmost safety in their flights.

3. Pilot

Be sure to check the pilot hours of the aircraft’s pilot. Different jet charter companies have different required pilot hours. In Australia though, a pilot can only fly commercial airlines if he has at least 200 pilot hours. Check if the pilots operating and providing FIFO aircraft services from that charter airline meet the minimum required pilot hours. Also check how many pilots would take charge of the travel. Some charter airlines may charge an additional fee for a second pilot.

4. Destination and trip length

Private charter airlines can land in more airports compared to commercial airlines. Despite this, it’s still important to check if the particular destination you need to land in has airports that can accommodate the charter airline hired. Upon providing the destination of choice also find out what the trip length would be. This way you can assess if a charter airline can provide the right aircraft that can bring the passengers in the target arrival time and date.

5. Facilities and services

One of the perks of flying a private jet is the facilities and services one gets with the flight. Some charter airlines offer a butler, a kitchen, private bathroom, and hotel-like accommodation. If this is something needed for the flight, make sure the charter airline booked has these facilities. Also look into the additional services and amenities offered by the airline like inflight Wi-Fi and movies.

6. Aircraft

Charter airlines have different aircrafts available to cater to different clients’ needs. Check what particular aircraft is needed for the flight. Among the factors to consider are: size, spaciousness and passenger capacity. Make sure the aircraft chosen fits the number of passengers going to be in the charter flight and can comfortably accommodate all the passengers.

7. Cost

When considering the cost, don’t stop at checking if it’s within budget. Also check if the price is worth the facilities and services provided with the flight. Make sure to also check any additional fees or hidden charges that may be applied. Among the additional fees that may be incurred are: extra baggage, personal choice of pilot and flight attendants, and late night departures.

These seven factors will serve as a guide for individuals and companies to pick the right jet charter that fits their needs. By considering these seven factors, you can make sure the private jet experience provided by the charter company is truly a convenient and comfortable one and is the best one you have.

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Debra Wright blogs about a plethora of topics including Jet Charters and other fields.  Debra considers Skyforce Aviation as one of the leaders of Jet Charter Companies.

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      You sound like a fun traveler, Ariana. I look forward to meeting you on some exotic travel destination.

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