Jan 29

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Trails the Hottest Trend in Active Travel

Trails Provide Safety, Scenery & Security

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trail tours are for all ages

Why are so many active travel tour companies starting to add more bike trails to their adventure travel itinerary? Trail lovers have known the answer to this question for years, but the active travel vacation companies are just starting to realize the benefits of trail travel and starting to provide more and more adventure tour options based around epic international trails like the Great Allegheny Passage trail in the United States and the Danube Cycle Way in Europe. Companies like HF Holidays are starting to add trail-based tours to their itineraries or, in the case of  ROW Adventures, acquiring companies that already offer cycle path tours.

What is so appealing about bike trail tours?

  • Safety – Riding bikes on roads can be fairly dangerous under the best of circumstances. But riding bikes on roads, in a foreign country, in large groups, while looking at scenery is an accident waiting to happen. Bicycle paths eliminate the danger of bike-car collisions thus greatly enhancing the safety of a bike-based vacation and turning an adventure tour into an active tour.
  • Scenery – Let’s face it; the scenery from roads is often more cluttered than beautiful. Bike trails are often built alongside rivers or canals and are much more conducive to gorgeous scenery than highways. In addition, the slower, less crowded nature of multi-use paths also allows for more time and opportunities to site-see at leisure. Road bike tours often have the same problem as vehicle-based tours. They’re fast-paced and sometimes dangerous.
  • Security – This may sound the same as safety, but it’s a whole different animal. Cycle trails offer bicyclists a much less confusing route than road cycle tours. In many cases, bike riders can totally submerse themselves in the surrounding history, scenery and culture without worrying about getting off-track. Most major cycle trail routes are well marked and easy to follow.

The bottom line is that bicycle trail vacations offer all the benefits of road bike tours but with added safety, scenery and security. Having said that, if your main reason for choosing a cycling vacation is to compete, go fast and get from point A to point B in a hurry, you may still want to consider a road riding tour. For the rest of you, it may be time that you start to investigate bike trail touring.

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