Jan 25

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Travelstormer For Active Travel Tour Planning

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Group Vacation Planning

You want to plan a bike tour with a group of friends. But it’s such a hassle to coordinate transportation, lodging, activities and trip dates. It’s especially hard if you all live in different parts of the country or world. Or at least it used to be difficult. Now, the group trip planning website Travelstormer makes it easy.

Coordinate Travel Details

Travelstormer allows friends to coordinate all the trip details from the brainstorming stage right down to flight schedules.. all in one central location. Some of the details that can be planned include lodging, air transportation, ground transportation, proposed tour dates and what activities will happen once everyone arrives. It’s easy for various participants to provide ideas, input and feedback. Whether one person plans the whole trip or everyone has their role in the holiday planning, Travelstormer provides the tools to make it all happen.

Group Travel Made Easy

One of the great qualities of Travelstormer is the ease of getting started. First, it’s easy to sign up for the service. It doesn’t require each participant to document their life history. In fact, the Facebook registration system is downright quick. Unlike other Facebook sign-ins, this one doesn’t require the group administrator (or participants) to sign over their entire Facebook records in order to use it. The list of Facebook accessible material is actually quite short and sweet.

Active Travel Tours on Travelstormer

To give you a quick idea of what Travelstormer looks like in action, here are a couple trips being planned using the travel planning website. The first one is a trail tour in northern Idaho and Washington. The second one is an active travel vacation being planned in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Although neither of these is very far in the planning stages, they serve to give you a quick glimpse of how Travelstormer works. The process is so easy, I recommend you give it a try right away. All you’ve got to lose is a couple minutes. All you’ve got to gain is the easiest group travel planning you’ve ever experienced.

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