Feb 03

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Trikke Skki Inn a Great Success

The folks at Trikke Training hosted an incredible Skki Inn this year. Attended by over 40 people, it was a success in every imaginable way.

Trikke Skki users at Snow Basin Utah

Do it on 3 Skkis!

First, the accommodations were superb. Most participants lodged in beautiful and comfortable townhouses that afforded just the right combination of camaraderie and coziness. In addition the dinners were delicious and provided just the right warmth and nourishment after a fun day on the slopes.

Speaking of the slopes, I think I speak for everyone when I say that the Trikke Skkis were an absolute blast. Standing up on three Skkis in a pair of comfortable boots and gliding across the snow was like riding on a cloud. Oh sure, like all new technologies, turning and stopping took a little getting used to. Fortunately, there were ample instructors to show participants how to operate the Trikke Skki. All in all, it was fairly obvious that the learning process for a Trikke Skki was much simpler than what is required for skiing or snowboarding.

One of the most unique and enjoyable characteristics of the Skki Inn was the mix of people. There were Skkiers of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. As a special treat, both the owner/inventor of the Skki and the CEO of the company joined us for a couple days on the slopes. Gildo Bileski and John Simpson jumped right into the mix showing both style and class as they mingled with participants on the slopes and back at the lodging area.

In addition to the fun and games on the ski hill, organizers Fred Welch and Ann Pirone provided a series of games and activities to facilitate many evenings of mixing and mingling among the hearty Skki Inn revelers. Such activities as (a very special) mini golf, name games, and a new twist on the children’s game “Popper” allowed participants to socialize and celebrate together. The whole event came to a warm and fuzzy crescendo on the final evening with a very special awards ceremony and recognition celebration.

Although the good old standbys of hiking, biking, and snowshoeing are a lot of fun, it was an absolute joy to partake in this relatively new and exciting active travel venue with the Trikke Skki. If you’ve never tried the Trikke wheeled vehicles or Skkis, you’re in for a treat. Maybe you’ll get a chance to join us at next year’s Skki Inn.

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