Jan 01

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Walking & Cycling Tours in Italy

Walking tours are a great way to help you keep that New Years resolution of staying fit this year. And when you combine the walking with the beautiful scenery of Italy, keeping fit for the new year will be a snap.

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Discover Icnos Tours

That’s why today’s focus active travel tour company is Icnos. Icnos tours offering both walking and cycling tours of Italy. But their tours are more than just walking or biking around the countryside. Their tours have fun themes like wine, food and culture; and their destinations are the itineraries of dreams. Cinque Terra, the Amalfi Coast, Rome, Venice, Florence, and Capri tantalize active travelers with classical Italian scenery, history, and cuisine.

Another positive feature of the Icnos tours is the option for guided or self-guided tours. Self-guided tours (Explore the “What are hosted tours?” section of the pull-down menu.)  are often less expensive and usually a bit more flexible than guided tours, whereas guided tours offer a slightly higher level of comfort and relaxation by allowing a trained guide to lead the way. In the end, it’s nice to have the choice so you can make an informed decision based upon your travel budget and level of comfort.

If you’re interested in a healthy, environmentally sound, and gorgeous active travel tour, you’d be smart to check out Icnos walking & cycling tours in Italy. If you’ve ever traveled with Icnos or any other active tour company in Italy, we’d love your feedback. Please leave a comment.

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