Feb 04

Tours for Active Travelers

Active Travel Tours Website Update

If you’re trying to find tours for active travelers, it just got a little easier. We’ve updated the ActiveTravelTours.com website so you can find more information about our upcoming active tours. You’ll notice the biggest changes under the About Active Travel Tours link in the horizontal menu bar located above.

You can now locate the following information:

Tours For Active Travelers

ActiveTravelTours.com also allows you to locate active and adventure tours offered by other companies. Most of these companies offer guided tours as opposed to our hosted tours.


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Dec 31

Active Travel Tours Will Feature Island Tours in 2014

Island Active Travel Tours & Island Resorts

active travel tours on the water

This year’s kayak & canoe tours will be on the ocean.

As always, our main focus will be on Active Travel Tours including bicycle tours, running vacations, walking holidays and kayak getaways. But this year (and in 2015) our focus will be on active vacations on islands. We’ll take you around the world and over the seven seas to islands in the Caribbean, South Pacific, Mediterranean and much more. We’ll provide our usual reviews of active travel tour companies as well as resorts where you can stay while enjoying your active vacations.

New Active Travel Destinations and Continued Partnerships

Active Travel Tours, in partnership with Trailsnet.com, will be introducing you to even more great active holiday destinations. With the upcoming publication of the 50 Best Bike Trails in the World, we’re already beginning research on the 50 Best Islands for Biking. In each of our active travel guides (in both print and ebook versions), we’ll include information about the best biking routes, the best accommodations, the best transportation options and the best eateries. Of course for our 50 Best Bike Trails book, we focus on trails, hotels and transportation to the trailheads. We also provide options for getting your gear from one town to the next.

Best Islands for Biking

In our islands biking guide, we’ll focus on what islands are good for bike tours and what resorts have the best locations and accommodations for biking holidays. The island bike holidays will look at both island bike trails and less-crowded island roads for biking. We’ll not only give recommendations on where to stay but also where to eat, where to swim, where to enjoy great night-life and more. We’ve already gotten started on our research and look forward to future island bike excursions. If you have any recommendations, please let us know. We’re fairly booked for 2014 (March is still available on our calendar.) but are fairly open for 2015. We’ll keep you posted on Trailsnet.com and right here on the Active Travel Tours blog about our progress. We’ll be sharing resort reviews starting as early as February and continuing through the year.

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Dec 22

Gifts for Travelers Can Be Socially Conscious

Christmas Gifts & New Years Gifts for Travelers

traveler gift basket with fair trade products

fair trade gift basket for travelers

If you are looking for a gift for frequent travelers, here’s a great idea that makes a functional gift as well as a humanitarian gift for this holiday season or any time of year. Hometown Basket has a Fair Trade Traveler Gift Basket as well as a less expensive Fair Trade Traveler Gift Box that is the best holiday gift for business travelers as well as an awesome present for pleasure travelers.

Fair Trade Gifts Good for Giver, Receiver and Artisans

The nice thing about fair trade gift baskets is that they are the very best gifts for so many reasons:

  • Gift baskets are an easy way to shop for the holidays or birthdays
  • Fair Trade gift boxes can actually be an inexpensive gift
  • Fair trade makes the giver feel good about supporting a worthwhile cause.
  • Fair Trade gifts make the recipient feel good about getting a wonderful & thoughtful gift.
  • Fair Trade gift baskets are also good for Fair Trade artisans who work hard and deserve our support.
inexpensive fair trade gift idea

Fair Trade Travel Box is inexpensive alternative to gift basket

Find out More About Fair Trade Gift Baskets

For great information about Fair Trade gift baskets, visit the Gift Basket Information Blog where you’ll learn about the nine principles of fair trade.

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Oct 10

European Bicycling Vacations

Cycling in Europe

Cycling has always been a popular mode of transport for Europeans. This has been the case for a long time and biking’s popularity is not only in large towns and cities but also in rural villages and the countryside. Whatever city or country you travel to within Europe a bike rental company will not be far away. I work in the hospitality industry in Ireland for the Drury Court Hotel Group and we have noticed in recent years the increasing demand from our guests for bike rentals. People are becoming more active in general and this has begun to cross over into the holiday industry too. In my opinion, the best way to get around and to see any new destination is on a bike. This is not possible for all people to do for a number of different reasons but is worth doing if you are able to and if you have never previously considered it.

Cycling in Cities

City Breaks often entail lots and lots of walking, but if you are like me you will prefer to get up on a bike and see the city this way. It is a quicker way to get around and can be cheaper also because you can avoid using public transport and taxis. The majority of big European cities have become more bike friendly in recent years with the introduction of more cycle lanes, and bicycle parking facilities. Many cities today also have city biking initiatives which provide free or low cost bikes which are available at various bike stations around the city. The cities that offer such a service include Barcelona, Dublin, Paris, Copenhagen, Vienna, London and Paris. If the city you are travelling to does not offer such a programme you will be sure to find a bike rental company within the city. Most bike rental companies will offer a very affordable hourly or day rate for rentals as well as offering bike tours which can be a really interesting way to see any city.

Cycling in the Countryside

If you are travelling to the European Countryside, in France or Ireland for example, you are probably going to be near a small town or village, this is a good a place to start your bike rides from. If you have not brought your own bike with you, many of these types of locations will have a bike rental service nearby that will organise pick-ups and transportation of bicycles etc. for you. This is a very good way of seeing the area from a different perspective as well as getting to cycle places which are not accessible by car or tour bus, such as along the banks of a river or through a forest trail. One bit of advice I would offer to you is that if you are planning on going on rural cycles you need to be somewhat prepared. For example, dress appropriately for the weather, carry plenty of water and some snacks, carry a cell phone in case of an emergency and have a quantity of money on you because sometimes you just don’t know where you might end up.

There is plenty of good information about cycling abroad and biking holidays to be found online so be sure to do your research before you set off.

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Aug 12

How to Choose a Rock Climbing Harness

rock climbing harnessThe rock climbing harness is very vital because it connects the climber with his rope. Buying a harness is much more than walking into an adventure equipment store and picking up any top-quality harness. Here are some of the factors that must be considered:

Different Types of Harnesses

  1. Crag or all-round harnesses are recommended for beginners as they function efficiently in different climbing applications such as gym climbing and top roping. These harnesses are equipped with padded leg loops and waist belts and are therefore very comfortable. Detachable leg loops on these harnesses allow climbers to answer the call of nature without untying themselves from the climbing rope. They are also equipped with a front loop that can be used to attach a rappel device.
  2. Alpine harnesses are constructed for mountain climbing. These have to be very light in weight and bulk, and therefore are equipped with nominal padding. They are made using non-absorbent material to ensure that the harnesses can stand mountain or glacier weather conditions. Their waist belt is very adjustable and their detachable leg loops allow climbers to change clothes or answer nature’s call with the rope tied to their waist.
  3. Big wall climbing requires special harnesses that can withstand multiple-pitch and multiple-day climbing. Such harnesses are well-padded around the waistbelt and leg loops to make hanging more comfortable. They also feature gear racking to make the shoulder gear sling seem lighter. A strong haul loop at their back allows climbers to easily tow ropes or heavy bags.
  4. Climbers who participate in competitions like Speed Events can choose harnesses designed for competitive events. Such harnesses are slim and their webbing allows climbers to move freely. Padding and frills are limited.

Factors To Be Considered Before Buying A Climbing Harness

After determining the type of harness that will work for you, here are some factors you should consider before making a purchase:

  1. The fit characteristics of harnesses for women and children are different from those for men.
  2. Harnesses come in different styles – the Diaper harness is made using flat webbing and a buckled waistbelt with adjustable leg loops, which allow climbers to wear it over different types of clothing; full-body harnesses are meant for children or adults with narrow waists; chest harnesses are worn on climbs in which the climber is at risk of falling on his head.
  3. If the harness fits tight, it will restrict the climber’s movement or pinch him; if it is loose, it could let go all of a sudden and cause the climber to fall.
  4. The waistbelt should fit comfortably just above the hip bone. It should not restrict the breathing.
  5. Climbers should be able to double-back their leg loop’s webbing straps through the buckles and still have 2 inches of strap left.
  6. The harness must be tied strictly as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  7. A harness lasts up to two years depending on usage. It should be immediately replaced if the climber feels it has weakened.

These tips should help you choose an appropriate harness for when rock climbing.

Featured images:
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Martin A. Gaines, a sports enthusiast from San Jose, CA loves rock climbing and highly recommends mountaineeringtrainingschool.com for advanced rock and mountain climbing training.

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Jul 28

Five Items You Need for a Bike Tour in Costa Rica

Riding the bike trails of Costa Rica…

…is an experience like no other. The popularity of the bike tour in Costa Rica has risen dramatically over the last decade or so. It’s now common to see groups and solo cyclists barrelling down the dirt trails and camping on the beaches in the twilight. If you’re planning on visiting Mal Pais, Montezuma, and San Teresa on two wheels, remember these five items.

beach wear

bike the jungle

1.     Bike Shorts

 For obvious reasons, you’re going to want to wear as little clothing as you possibly can. It’s important to wear a proper pair of bike shorts, though. For all of Costa Rica’s untouched beauty, it’s still bumpy and rugged. It will take its toll on your backside. You don’t want to fear having to sit down at the end of a ride because of searing pain. Bike shorts have lots of padding in the back so you can sit in the saddle for hours without feeling a thing.

2.     Large Water Bottle

A common mistake of the novice cyclist is not bringing a big enough water bottle. The mountain and highland areas aren’t particularly hot. You can get away with not bringing much. In the Pacific coastal areas, the temperatures are searing. If you’re riding for eight hours each day you’re going to get dehydrated quickly.

Bring the largest bottle your bike can accommodate. It’s also worth bringing a backpack with a few emergency bottles of water. Never underestimate the Latin American heat.

3.     Long-Sleeve Shirt

 It might seem silly to wear clothing which actually covers the skin, but it’s helpful. You’ll need to wear suncream to stop UV rays and sunburn. As you sweat, your body washes the cream away from your skin and leaves you exposed. By wearing a breathable cycling shirt, it washes away at a slower pace and leaves you more time to enjoy your bike tour in Costa Rica.

4.     Lightweight Layering

 Costa Rica is a very small country, especially if you’re travelling across its width. You can find yourself in the middle of a steamy jungle before lunch and on a misty mountain plateau by dinner. It creates a challenge for cyclists. What should you wear to cope with the temperatures?

The answer is in lightweight layers. These clothes keep you warm, or cool, whilst not being bulky. You can add and remove clothing as and when you need to.

1.     Energy Bars

Guided cycling tours will take you to little restaurants and outposts where you can eat and replenish energy. If you’re alone, or if you get separated from the main group, you can find yourself getting hungry fast. Stay energised by bringing along some foods which are high in energy foods. Consider dedicated energy bars and drinks, if they’re available. Energy gels are a favourite of cyclists as they don’t change in consistency in the heat.

If not, bananas are good for some quick energy. Alternatively, stop and have lunch. You don’t want to tire yourself out by continuing to cycle on against your hunger pangs.

The best way to combat hunger, though, is to eat properly before beginning your day’s ride.

About the author: Geoff McCabe is a keen cyclist and has interests in many eco friendly projects, including Anamaya, his Anamaya Resort.


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Jul 27

Top Fun Outdoor Activities That You can Do Without Spending Too Much

fun outdoor activitiesIf you’re working from 8-5 from Monday to Friday, you will feel burned out and tired. If you spend too much time in the office facing your computer, then you need to get out. If you’re too tired to spend time with your family, you need to do activities with them on weekends.

You might be thinking that you will need to spend too much when you want to do something outdoors, then you are wrong. There are many fun outdoor activities that you can do with your family without spending too much. You don’t need an expensive equipment to have fun and in most cases some gadgets or playthings are already with you . You just have to maximize and teach your kids to use it. Other fun activities just need a good pair of running shoes. If the weather is good, you don’t want to waste it watching TV or doing take home work. Outdoor activities can provide a bonding and fun experience with the family  and the kids can also learn new things. It’s time to go out and enjoy.

  1. Go jogging. Why use a treadmill when the sun is shining brightly outside. Go for an early morning jog around the park, or the local track and field or go for safe jogging trails to make it more challenging. You don’t need to have a gym membership to be fit. A 30 minute run will do wonders for you and your family. Jogging regularly is a great way to stay in shape, it can also give you a nice tan and it’s free.
  2. Go for group rides. Riding your bike around is fun. Riding with a group is much better.  It will burn calories and will let you do some sight seeing while riding.  It is also a an awesome activity to do as a family. Age does not matter when you want to go for a ride. You don’t need to have a custom made or specialized bike to do it. Just make sure that the bikes are all well maintained. Bring water and some fruits or energy bars for snacks. Don’t forget to wear proper helmets whenever you ride.
  3. Play backyard bowling. Your kids will love this game. It is such an easy game that can be set up in minutes. You can use cereal boxes as bowling pins. Whoever knocks down the most pins will be declared the winner.
  4. Kickball. You may think that it is a kid’s game but kick ball can also be played by a group of adults. This is a great team building sport since each team will have 11 players and engage all the players throwing, kicking and catching the ball.
  5. Go for a swim. You can teach your kids to swim in a pool, lake or beach.  Go kayaking in a lake, collect seashells on the beach with your kids, let your dog take a dip with you in the lake. Everyone enjoys water. Get wet and go for a swim.
    1. Frisbee. As long as there is an open space then you can play frisbee. Frisbee can also give you a great workout. With all the throwing , twisting, catching and running will give your heart a good exercise. A casual  game of Frisbee when you’re having a picnic in the park can burn 170 calories within 30 minutes.
    2. Flowboarding. This is a great way of learning the basics of surfing and body boarding on a thin sheet of water over a stationary in a controlled environment. The kids will love this.
    3. Take the dog out. In addition to the tension beater benefits of walking, spending time with a pet can also help minimize anxieties and calm the mind.
    4. Go camping. A camping trip will give you great memories. Nothing can beat sleeping under the stars, cooking food over firewood and using few pans and utensils, stories to tell and being one with nature. Roasting marshmallows and drinking hot cocoa while telling funny or scary stories to entertain everyone. Leave your handheld game consoles and work at home. Go for a hike or go fishing. Anything  is possible under the sun and the stars. If you don’t want to go  far, you can go backyard camping. Friends of your kids can go camping with you. It will be more fun and exciting.
    5. Explore a new bike trail. If you’re an adventurous rider, you can explore new bike trails with your ride buddies as long as the trail is not owned privately and have access to the nearest medical facility just in case anything happens. The thrill of slicing new trails you and your friends only knows will bring great fun to your every ride.

    You see, you don’t need to spend to have a good time. You just need to have the right timing, make use of existing gadgets, be creative, be adventurous and good times will be ahead of you and your family.

    Roselen is an active member of Enduro  mountain bike racing group. Though she loves being active she still campaigns for safer sports through wearing the right support gear. Spreading knowledge and awareness about sports injury  are one of her goals when blogging.

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Jul 16

Is Chartering a Jet Right for Your Active Travel Plans?

How to Look for the Best Jet Charter Company that Fits Your Needs

jet airliner

Leaving On a Jet Plane

Flying commercial for some individuals and companies is no longer convenient and comfortable. These companies believe that flying on private jet charters is the ultimate travel option. There are no more long lines, no more arriving at the airport three hours before the flight and no more unexpected passengers to sit beside. With a private airline, passengers can follow their own schedule and can choose the other passengers they ride with.

But with the many private airline companies that have sprouted over the years, how will one know which one to choose? How can one look for the best private charter operator that matches their needs?

Here are seven factors to consider in choosing the right jet charter service:

1. Company reputation

The first thing you need to check when looking for jet charters is their reputation. Can this company be trusted? Are they known to provide great customer service? Checking the company’s website is not enough to know about their reputation. Further research online is needed. Getting feedback from family, friends or co-workers who’s hired that charter company is also a good idea.

2. Safety

Safety is of prime importance in any travel. In looking for the best charter company, it’s important to check its safety history. Does the charter airline have an excellent safety record or does their safety history have some negative entries? Every client should make sure they put their safety as a priority and choose only a charter airline that can provide the utmost safety in their flights.

3. Pilot

Be sure to check the pilot hours of the aircraft’s pilot. Different jet charter companies have different required pilot hours. In Australia though, a pilot can only fly commercial airlines if he has at least 200 pilot hours. Check if the pilots operating and providing FIFO aircraft services from that charter airline meet the minimum required pilot hours. Also check how many pilots would take charge of the travel. Some charter airlines may charge an additional fee for a second pilot.

4. Destination and trip length

Private charter airlines can land in more airports compared to commercial airlines. Despite this, it’s still important to check if the particular destination you need to land in has airports that can accommodate the charter airline hired. Upon providing the destination of choice also find out what the trip length would be. This way you can assess if a charter airline can provide the right aircraft that can bring the passengers in the target arrival time and date.

5. Facilities and services

One of the perks of flying a private jet is the facilities and services one gets with the flight. Some charter airlines offer a butler, a kitchen, private bathroom, and hotel-like accommodation. If this is something needed for the flight, make sure the charter airline booked has these facilities. Also look into the additional services and amenities offered by the airline like inflight Wi-Fi and movies.

6. Aircraft

Charter airlines have different aircrafts available to cater to different clients’ needs. Check what particular aircraft is needed for the flight. Among the factors to consider are: size, spaciousness and passenger capacity. Make sure the aircraft chosen fits the number of passengers going to be in the charter flight and can comfortably accommodate all the passengers.

7. Cost

When considering the cost, don’t stop at checking if it’s within budget. Also check if the price is worth the facilities and services provided with the flight. Make sure to also check any additional fees or hidden charges that may be applied. Among the additional fees that may be incurred are: extra baggage, personal choice of pilot and flight attendants, and late night departures.

These seven factors will serve as a guide for individuals and companies to pick the right jet charter that fits their needs. By considering these seven factors, you can make sure the private jet experience provided by the charter company is truly a convenient and comfortable one and is the best one you have.

Author by line

Debra Wright blogs about a plethora of topics including Jet Charters and other fields.  Debra considers Skyforce Aviation as one of the leaders of Jet Charter Companies.

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Jun 17

Top 5 Must-try Adventures in Fiji

Adventure is something you can find everyday in Fiji. With its lush islands, stretch of stunning shorelines, ethereal underwater gardens, and pristine tropical scenery, your endless pursuit of adventure will surely be satiated by it. Fiji’s 332 islands offer a plethora of activities and sights that promise to tickle the fancy of tourists and travellers.

So, if you’re wondering what adrenaline-pumping activities Fiji has in store for you, read on as we list down five of the finest and most exciting activities in Fiji:

1.       Diving

If you’re in for some heart-thumping underwater adventure in Fiji, then why don’t you try diving…with sharks! Although the thought of swimming with the ocean’s most feared creatures may be enough to send you packing your bags, there’s actually no reason to worry. Diving with sharks in Fiji is as fun and safe as the usual underwater explorations; however, the beauty and grand presence of nature’s often misunderstood creature makes it all the more meaningful. A dive at Beqa Island gets you up close and personal with 8 species of sharks: nurse sharks, lemon sharks, silvertip sharks, whitetip reef sharks, blacktip reef sharks, bull sharks, grey reef sharks, and tiger sharks.

2.       Surfing

Ride the crests of the waves at Fiji’s Frigates Passage, the perfect destination for surfing enthusiasts. Frigates is a word-class surfing spot, and a consistent one at that, as it showcases swells and waves all year round. It’s a powerful left-handed reef break that features some of its biggest waves from December until April.

3.       Whitewater Rafting

If you want to take a break from the white sandy beaches of Fiji, enjoying a whitewater rafting adventure in Upper Navua River is an experience you should never miss out on. This excursion will introduce you to Fiji’s hidden yet phenomenal tropical wilderness. While enjoying the rush of the rapids on your inflatable raft, you will be filled with awe as you pass through the home of a variety of flora and fauna, countless waterfalls, and numerous side canyons. There are plenty of Fiji holiday deals that offer this type of activity so make sure you include this in your itinerary.

4.       Terra Trek

Step away from the beach and into the tropical interior of Viti Levu Island by going on a Terra Trek. This is a guided tour that lets you take a peek at the other side of Fiji, its lush and pristine rainforest, lovely waterfalls, and scenic views of the Pacific Ocean and other islands. Terra Trek offers an offroad adventure as you will be able to drive through the forest and enjoy the cascades of the waterfalls after.

5.       Sea Kayaking

Paddle through the waters of Fiji in a kayaking adventure at Beqa Island. Beqa Island is located south of the main island of Viti Levu. Aside from being the home of Fiji’s famous firewalkers, Beqa Island also boasts of its clear and warm waters, mangroves, and secluded coves, perfect for a sea kayaking adventure. As you cruise through the lagoon, you will spot a fruit bat colony and other wildlife. Your guide will also be able to lead you to the Malumu Bay where a mangrove passage and a view of the Islands of Kadavu await, depending on the tides.

There never is a shortage of fun and adventure in Fiji. So if you’re planning to book a trip there, make sure you have all these in your itinerary, and don’t forget to pack your essentials. But if you want to get away from it all, it’s best to find Fiji all inclusive packages that cover all your needs.

Debra Wright blogs about a plethora of topics including things to do in Fiji and other fields. Debra considers Fun in Fiji as one of the leaders in Fiji holiday deals.

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Apr 02

Top Outdoor Recreational Activities

Outdoor Recreational Activity Vacations

There are individuals who participate in outdoor recreational activities to break away from the monotony of their daily routine and from everyday stress. Although some activities are physically demanding, these individuals still find them fulfilling and invigorating.

If you want to take some time away from your work or other routine, you can consider a myriad of recreational activities, from a relaxing fishing trip to an exhilarating hiking adventure. No matter what adventure you choose, you will definitely enjoy a sense of freedom and excitement. Here are a few outdoor recreational activities you can consider.

canoe trip on river

Canoe trips are popular active travel tours.


This water activity is fun for all ages. You can even go with your friends or with your family. Canoeing is one of those outdoor activities that offer fun and adventure for all age groups. If you have children, you don’t have to worry about exposing them to this outdoor sport. It is also a perfect activity if you are with a group since canoes have enough room to fit a few people, and it can also carry a load, such as picnic, clothes, and camping gear. Other benefits of this outdoor recreational activity are as follows:

  • It can keep you fit and healthy.
  • Canoeing develops the respiratory and cardiovascular system and promotes stamina, strength and coordination
  • Paddling techniques are easy to learn
  • You can teach your children new set of skills and techniques
  • It allows you to enjoy the tranquility and serenity of the environment.


Fishing enthusiasts, who enjoy reeling in a 30-pound striper or seeing a wonderful catch rise to a fly, will not need any convincing to take some time off and head outdoors. For some individuals, fishing is a relaxing sport which is an excellent way to soothe the nerves after a very stressful week. For others, it is a stimulating and competitive sport that keeps their adrenalin flowing. In addition, some families take their children fishing to develop and reestablish good relationships and to keep their children out of trouble. Here are a few other reasons why fishing is an excellent outdoor sport:

  • It can contribute to conservation efforts. When you get a fishing license and pay for special taxes, you have helped fund various wildlife and conservation programs in the country.
  • Spending some time outside will help you feel better and promote a healthier life. Fishing can also help burn unwanted calories and add years to your life.
  • Fishing can also help develop your confidence through the development of your outdoor skills and achieving personal goals.


If you are living a sedentary life wherein you are stuck in the office and in front of the computer throughout the day, it is time to move your body. Hiking is a perfect outdoor sport, whether you want to burn calories, relieve your stress, or simply get away from every day worries. This outdoor recreational activity doesn’t tolerate procrastination and it encourages you to continue moving forward. If you need convincing to get onto a trail, here are a few reasons why you should try this activity.

  • It is healthy. It keeps your blood flowing and your adrenalin pumping
  • It makes you stronger and more flexible. Extending and flexing your muscles will make your joints stronger and you will be able to develop the muscles in your leg area.
  • It doesn’t need a lot of equipment. If you are looking for an inexpensive outdoor sport, hiking is definitely worth considering. Depending on the trail you wish to climb, all you need are walking shoes and water.
  • Hiking is perfect for the family. If you want to spend time with your family and encourage a healthy lifestyle, hiking might be just what you need.

Fun outdoor recreation activities provide an escape from one’s routine activities. These three activities can offer fulfillment and excitement that is often missing in everyday life.

Featured images:

Kris Hopkins is a writer for sports and recreation websites where she writes about the best outdoor recreational activities. She aims to help her readers learn more about the various activities they can enjoy away from the stresses of everyday life.

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