Jan 29

Trails the Hottest Trend in Active Travel

Trails Provide Safety, Scenery & Security

couple on beach cruiser bikes

trail tours are for all ages

Why are so many active travel tour companies starting to add more bike trails to their adventure travel itinerary? Trail lovers have known the answer to this question for years, but the active travel vacation companies are just starting to realize the benefits of trail travel and starting to provide more and more adventure tour options based around epic international trails like the Great Allegheny Passage trail in the United States and the Danube Cycle Way in Europe. Companies like HF Holidays are starting to add trail-based tours to their itineraries or, in the case of  ROW Adventures, acquiring companies that already offer cycle path tours.

What is so appealing about bike trail tours?

  • Safety – Riding bikes on roads can be fairly dangerous under the best of circumstances. But riding bikes on roads, in a foreign country, in large groups, while looking at scenery is an accident waiting to happen. Bicycle paths eliminate the danger of bike-car collisions thus greatly enhancing the safety of a bike-based vacation and turning an adventure tour into an active tour.
  • Scenery – Let’s face it; the scenery from roads is often more cluttered than beautiful. Bike trails are often built alongside rivers or canals and are much more conducive to gorgeous scenery than highways. In addition, the slower, less crowded nature of multi-use paths also allows for more time and opportunities to site-see at leisure. Road bike tours often have the same problem as vehicle-based tours. They’re fast-paced and sometimes dangerous.
  • Security – This may sound the same as safety, but it’s a whole different animal. Cycle trails offer bicyclists a much less confusing route than road cycle tours. In many cases, bike riders can totally submerse themselves in the surrounding history, scenery and culture without worrying about getting off-track. Most major cycle trail routes are well marked and easy to follow.

The bottom line is that bicycle trail vacations offer all the benefits of road bike tours but with added safety, scenery and security. Having said that, if your main reason for choosing a cycling vacation is to compete, go fast and get from point A to point B in a hurry, you may still want to consider a road riding tour. For the rest of you, it may be time that you start to investigate bike trail touring.

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Jan 25

Travelstormer For Active Travel Tour Planning

logo for travelstormer travel planners

Group Vacation Planning

You want to plan a bike tour with a group of friends. But it’s such a hassle to coordinate transportation, lodging, activities and trip dates. It’s especially hard if you all live in different parts of the country or world. Or at least it used to be difficult. Now, the group trip planning website Travelstormer makes it easy.

Coordinate Travel Details

Travelstormer allows friends to coordinate all the trip details from the brainstorming stage right down to flight schedules.. all in one central location. Some of the details that can be planned include lodging, air transportation, ground transportation, proposed tour dates and what activities will happen once everyone arrives. It’s easy for various participants to provide ideas, input and feedback. Whether one person plans the whole trip or everyone has their role in the holiday planning, Travelstormer provides the tools to make it all happen.

Group Travel Made Easy

One of the great qualities of Travelstormer is the ease of getting started. First, it’s easy to sign up for the service. It doesn’t require each participant to document their life history. In fact, the Facebook registration system is downright quick. Unlike other Facebook sign-ins, this one doesn’t require the group administrator (or participants) to sign over their entire Facebook records in order to use it. The list of Facebook accessible material is actually quite short and sweet.

Active Travel Tours on Travelstormer

To give you a quick idea of what Travelstormer looks like in action, here are a couple trips being planned using the travel planning website. The first one is a trail tour in northern Idaho and Washington. The second one is an active travel vacation being planned in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Although neither of these is very far in the planning stages, they serve to give you a quick glimpse of how Travelstormer works. The process is so easy, I recommend you give it a try right away. All you’ve got to lose is a couple minutes. All you’ve got to gain is the easiest group travel planning you’ve ever experienced.

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Jan 25

Silver Bike Tours | Rails-to-Trails Bike Tours & Bike Adventures

Silver Bike Tours Offer Self-guided Bicycle Tours

Silver Bike Tours has been offering self-guided bicycle tours since 2005. What sets Silver Bike Tours apart from the other companies is their devotion to tours on bike trails and bicycle paths. This allowed them to provide fun tours that were also safe for the entire family. Their tours included itineraries on Idaho’s Hiawatha Trail, the Trail of the Couer d’ alenes in northern Idaho and the Spokane Centennial Trail in Washington State.

Variety of Bike Tourslogo for silver bike tours

Silver Bike Tours has a nice selection of active travel tours including bicycle tours of varying lengths and difficulties. Since many of their tours are self-guided, they are quite affordable. I am also pleased to report that Silver Bike Tours is flexible with certain other personal transportation vehicles such as Trikkes and recumbents. Although they only provide regular bikes with their currently offered tours, they will listen to proposals for other vehicles also, as long as the travelers are able to provide their own vehicles. Of course some vehicles may be too large to transport in the conventional manner, most portable vehicles like Trikkes and foldable recumbents may be considered. Be sure to discuss this with company representatives in advance.

Self-Guided Bike Tours | Rails-to-Trails Bike Tours, Bike Adventures

Silver Bike Tours Merges With Row Adventures

And now, Silver Bike Tours is even better since it has become part of the Row Adventures family. It will keep it’s great bike trail tours and self-guided trips but also add some guided bicycle tours. I won’t go into great detail about this wonderful partnership in this blog-post because Active Travel Tours will be featuring a review of Row Adventures in an upcoming blog-post. Let it suffice to say though, that a good company just got better.

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Jan 23

Cycle Tours Global

Bicycle ToursCycle Tour Global - Logo

Find Your Next Cycle Tour. That is the motto for Cycle Tours Global, a website that is just the ticket for those who love to travel and also love to cycle. Global Cycle Tours allows users to choose their next active travel vacation by country, cost, date, duration and even terrain. This wide range of choices allows bike travelers to find the ideal cycle vacation to suit the needs of a wide range of travelers.

Includes Bike Trail Tours

For example, it’s incredibly difficult to find bike tour companies that specialize in bike trail travel. However, I was able to quickly locate Silver Bike Tours by just looking for U.S. bike tour companies that provide self-guided treks that are off-road (track/trail). Within less than a minute, I was viewing tours that included bike rides on the Hiawatha Trail, Trail of the Couer d’ Alenes in Idaho and Spokane Centennial Trail in Washington state.

Specialize in Worldwide Bicycle Travel

It’s possible to find a bevy of travel websites. It’s a little tougher to find great active travel tour websites. But it’s especially nice to find a website that specializes in global cycle tours. It’s also nice to note that the folks at Cycle Tours Global are especially responsive to customer contacts. When I contacted them about the possibility of adding a Trail Travel category to their specialty (or speciality, as our friends in the UK would say) I got an immediate reply. Many travel companies wait for days to reply, if at all. It’s nice to know that there’s an active travel tour company out there that values their customers and gets back to them in a timely manner. I’m predicting that Cycle Tours Global will continue to experience success in the active travel industry.

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May 18

Berg Adventures International: Extraordinary Adventure Travel

Adventure Travel vs. Active Travel

What’s the difference between active travel tours and adventure travel tours? It’s a topic we’ve explored before on the Active Travel Tours blog. And I’m sure we’ll revisit it at a later date; because some people have trouble grasping the difference between adventure travel and active travel while others refuse to acknowledge that there is a difference. So I have provided the perfect example of an adventure travel company below.

Berg Adventures International Adventure Tours

Berg Adventures International is a classic example of a tour provider that offers adventure tours. Berg Adventure Tours International logoAlthough there is a lot of overlap with some tour companies, Berg’s tours seem to fall decidedly into the realm of adventure travel. They offer tours to adventuresome locations and provide pretty adventurous activities. Take a look at some information taken directly from their website:

“As one of the world’s leading adventure travel and mountaineering companies, Berg Adventures provides unsurpassed experiences for the discerning traveler in many of our planet’s most amazing natural locations. From the heights of Kilimanjaro to the wilds of the Serengeti, from the Andes to Antarctica, from the cities of modern Russia to the summit of Everest…”

via Berg Adventures International: Extraordinary Adventure Travel.

Since I’ve already explained the major differences between active tours and adventure tours in a previous blog, I won’t belabor the point in this blog. Instead, I will provide you with Berg Adventures International as an example of an adventure tour company. Check out their website, their tour locations, their photographs and their tour activities. Then check out the Bike and the Like website.

Bike and the Like Active Travel Tour Company

You will notice on the Bike and the Like website, pictures of  bikers of all shapes and sizes on relatively flat bike paths. You will also notice description like “Fun, social, and affordable.” Their trips are all bicycle tours as opposed to climbing or trekking or safari tours. A sample description of one of the Bike and the Like Tours looks like this:

bike tour on Dutch bike path

Bike and the Like tour

“Visit the fishing villages of the Zuiderzee, cycle past working windmills, follow winding dikes along the beautiful Dutch polders, stop at impressive castles and enjoy the rich foliage of the Island Texel.”

via Bicycle Vacations & Bike Tours in Europe, Holland, California, New England.

I encourage you to visit the websites of the two tour companies listed above. They provide good examples of the differences between adventure travel and active travel. Both options make for great holidays. Just make sure you know whether you are signing on for an adventurous excursion or an active holiday. Then have a great vacation either way.


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May 16

TBEX 2012 in Keystone, Colorado

Travel Bloggers Meet in Colorado

TBEX logoActive Travel Tours is proud to be part of this year’s Travel Bloggers Exchange (TBEX) being held in beautiful Keystone, Colorado in June. It will be a time for travel blog writers to meet, socialize, and exchange ideas. The conference includes and ever-growing list of sessions, activities, and diversions.

Although I am not new to the blogging scene or even travel blogging, this is a bit like a coming-out party for ActiveTravelTours.com. My other blog, trailsnet.com, has been around for awhile, but Active Travel Tours is a relative newcomer to the travel blogging world. I look forward to meeting other bloggers, learning a trick or two about being a helpful and effective travel blogger and having a good time in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

If you are a fellow travel blogger, I hope to get the chance to meet you and exchange ideas. If you are an active travel tour provider, I hope TBEX will help me help you bring added exposure to your tour company. If you are a regular follower of Active Travel Tours, then I believe you will continue to see this active travel blog improve at an even faster pace after I return from TBEX.

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Apr 30

Mountain Biking Tours in the Colorado Rockies

mountain biker in Colorado

Mountain Biking the Rocky Mountains is extraordinary.   With hundreds of trails to choose from in the hills of the Front Range to the mountainous landscapes of the West you are sure to find what you are looking for with Apex Ex.  From all mountain riding to down hilling, we have the trip for you.  We encourage you to take a few days and stay with us for some of the best mountain biking experiences available on earth.  Call us now at (303) 731-6160 to learn more or to sign up.

via Mountain Biking Tours in the Colorado Rockies.

Apex Ex Adventure Tours provides active tours for the adventurous traveler. I’m always glad to promote fellow Colorado travel and tour companies.

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Apr 24

Aspiring Adventures Offers Bike Tours to Machu Picchu

Bike Trail to Heaven

view of macho picchu in peru

Machu Picchu

A bike trail to Machu Piccu?  I think I’ve died and gone to heaven. For some reason, I’ve always been under the impression that the only way you could get to Machu Picchu was by a hiking trail. But thanks to Steve, from Aspiring Adventures, I discovered that it’s possible (and actually quite fun) to bike to the fabled Incan city.

“We’ll bike to Machu Picchu, ride myriad tracks around the hills of Cusco, and cycle from Maras to Salineras – two unique and incredible Incan sites. Cycle through the incomparable farmland and river gorges of the Lares Valley, camping overnight along the way at high-altitude, natural thermal hot baths perched over a jagged river gorge! Mix hiking and biking single-track or easy downhill road riding in any combination.”

via The Bike trip – 12d – Aspiring Adventures – Adventure tours – hiking, biking and cultural vacations – New Zealand, Peru, Australia, Vanuatu.

Views to the Sacred Valley, Peru

Sacred Valley, Peru

Tour dates for the Machu Picchu bike tours are subject to availability and include:

  • June 24 – July 6, 2012
  • September 23 – October 4, 2012
  • May 12 – May 23, 2013
  • June 23 – July 4, 2013
  • August 4 – August 15, 2013

Aspiring Adventures tourslogo for aspiring adventures tours

The motto of Aspiring Adventures is “small group adventure tours that delve deeper.” Developed by Steve Wilson and Katy Shorthouse, Aspiring Adventures offers active tours in Australia, New Zealand, Peru and Vanuatu. Their tours offer travelers the opportunity to “hike, bike, kayak, swim, dive, eat, drink, dance, and play your way through the stunning scenery and unique cultures” of the world.

For more information about Aspiring Adventures, visit their website, like them on Facebook & Tweet @AspiringAdven.


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Apr 20

Bicycle Australia

All Trails Bicycle Tour

Australia bicycle route

Explore Australia by Bicycle

Although the name is misleading, the bike tours sound great. AllTrails Cycling Holidays allow bike riders to explore Australia in its magnificent entirety. That’s the good news. Don’t expect to do it on “all trails” though. That’s the bad news. But still… all of Australia… on a bike. What’s not to love?

Bicycle Stage Riding

How is it possible to ride such a vast expanse as Australia on a bike? The answer is simple: In stages. In fact, bike riders would complete 20 stages in all, if they include Tasmania. (18 stages without Tasmania) And we’re not talking single-day stages. Each stage is a multi-day affair. The folks at AllTrails suggest three years as a realistic goal for completing this epic bike tour. Of course different folks can make the tour at their own pace. And fortunately, AllTrails also accommodates different budgets with options like camping instead of indoor lodging. Below is an excerpt from the “About Us” page on the AllTrails website:



AllTrails are proud of the reputation that they have built since 1997, providing cyclists care and personal attention beyond expectation. They love cycling and are passionate about providing rides packed with adventure, memorable touring experiences and social enjoyment.  Some great friendships have been formed along the way and strong business relationships ensure that hotels and restaurants give AllTrails groups their red carpet treatment.

AlllTrails invite you to come along and enjoy the freedom of cycling, riding at your own pace and connecting with the people around you and look forward to seeing you soon on a legendary AllTrails ride and joining the AllTrails ride community.

via About Us.

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Apr 16

Malta Bike Tour, Island of Gozo Cycling Vacation

Country Walkers Self-Guided Hiking and Biking Tours

Don’t be fooled by the name. Country Walkers provides other tours besides just walking tours. They also offer self-guided biking holidays. If you’re an active travel fan, you’ll drool over Country Walkers 2012 Walking & Biking Self-Guided Tours catalogue. It’s packed full of great hiking & biking tours in Italy, Portugal, Spain, England and more.rock arch in ocean near Malta, Italy

Biking on the Coastal Trails of Gozo

Gozo may be only 50 miles south of Sicily and just offshore from Malta, but its relaxed pace and quiet trails are worlds away. Here, gentle biking terrain on less-traveled coastal byways makes it easy to slow down and savor the enchanting Mediterranean vistas, perfect picnic spots, and peaceful scenes you’ll encounter again and again. For more information on this great self-guided European bike tour, visit the Country Walkers website. Don’t forget to order their biking & walking brochure so you can daydream until you leave on your bike trip to Italy.

via Malta Bike Tour, Island of Gozo Cycling Vacation | CW.

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