Oct 25

active travel poll

Our poll for this month, on ActiveTravelTours, is, “What is your favorite active travel destination?”
You can find the poll in the sidebar of this web page. But the best part of this whole deal is that it doesn’t matter what your favorite destination is, we offer a tour there. Visit our Find Tours page to check out all the great tours available worldwide.

And now for more good news. All of our pages are finally up and running properly. We were having trouble with both the home page and “Find Tours” page earlier this week. Sorry ’bout that. But, after a little trouble-shooting, they’re all working fine.

a computer, books, & a trail sign

Everything you need to know about active travel is right here on ActiveTravelTours.com.

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Oct 21

Active Travel vs. Adventure Travel

Active travel and adventure travel share some common traits:

  1. They often attract the same general types of people.
  2. They are usually outdoor-oriented.
  3. They both involve a certain level of activity & involvement.
  4. They are both offered worldwide.
However there are also many differences. Active travel usually involves:
  1. a fairly safe setting and activity.
  2. a certain level of active involvement that is exhilarating but not exhausting.
  3. participants between the ages of five and 95.
  4. either guided, hosted, or self-guided tours.
  5. a wider range of price ranges from very inexpensive for most self-guided and hosted tours to relatively higher fees for fully guided tours.

    kayakers on placid water

    quiz: Is this active or adventure travel?

Adventure travel, on the other hand, often (but not always) involves:
  1. activities that are a bit more risky, but not necessarily unsafe.
  2. an aerobic activity level that can range from almost non-existent to fatiguing.
  3. participant who often range in the  18 to 58 age range.
  4. tours that are guided by professional guides
  5. slightly more expensive price tags due to the need for special equipment and seasoned, trained guides.

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Oct 14

Find the tour of your dreams on ActiveTravelTours.

Unreasonable Adventures company logo

You can now book the active travel vacation of a lifetime right on ActiveTravelTours.com. We have partnered with Unreasonable Adventures to offer you the opportunity to book your dream tour right here on our website.

It’s simple; you can find and book your tour by choosing  your activity or location in the sidebar of just about any page on Active Travel Tours or you can visit the “Find Tours” page found in the header and footer menu of  each page.

We’re excited about this new feature. Now, in addition to discovering all the latest news and information about the world of active travel holidays, you can also book those holidays right here on our site.


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Sep 26

Skki Inn Sponsored by Trikke Travel

man on Skki

Is Skkiing more fun than skiing?

We promised you unique active travel activities, and here’s our first one…
If you want to try out something completely different and lots of fun, the Skki Inn will be the event for you.
It’s a combination of two fun activities jammed into one.
You may have seen those funky three wheeled contraptions out on the streets and trails. They’re called Trikkes. They’re fun to operate and provide a great workout. But they’re a spring/summer/fall activity for most of the U.S.
You’ve probably also heard of a little sport called skiing. It’s also a good workout and a lot of fun. But, as you know, it’s a winter thing.
Well, the folks at Trikke have found a way to combine the Trikke and the ski; they call it the Skki, and if you haven’t tried it, you’re truly missing out.
It combines the stability of the Trikke with the downhill fun of a ski. It’s basically a three ski, triangular, downhill mojo machine.
To find out more, visit the Skki Inn page of the Trikke website.

man riding a Trikke

Have fun on three wheels with a Trikke.

The Skki Inn runs from January 24 – 29, 2012. It will be held at Beaver Mountain Resort in Utah with activities on Wolf Mountain, Powder Mountain, and Snow Basin.
Whether you are a Trikker or a skier, you’ll have a great time bombing the slopes on a Skki.

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Sep 12

On The Move Tours

active travelers on bikesOnTheMoveTours.com can also be found on the web as OTMTours.com.

On The Move Tours is unique for two reasons:

  1. Most of the tours found on their website are “hosted” trips. The best way to describe hosted trips as ones that fall smack in the middle of guided trips and self-guided trips. A hosted tour does not have a leader per-say, but instead it has a host. (Or it often has a hosting couple.) These are people who are along to help things run smoothly. But they aren’t necessarily trail experts, mechanics, or employees of On The Move Tours. They are on the trip to have fun just like the participants. But they also have just enough knowledge of the trip route, lodging, and other details to help things run smoothly. In many cases, hosted trips have the best of both worlds. They are less expensive than guided tours, allow riders to progress at their own pace, and promote a sense of camaraderie among all the trip participants.
  2. Most of the On The Move Tours destinations involve trails. The owner of OTMTours is a strong believer in destination  trails as opposed to roads. The trails are usually safer, more scenic, more relaxed, more historic and, well… more fun.

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Jun 29

Welcome to Active Travel Tours

Finally, a website dedicated to those of us who love to travel without the usual restraints of highways, rental cars, and buses. ActiveTravelTours.com provides you with news, information, and insights into the world of active travel.

Whether you like touring in the U.S., Europe, Asia, or anywhere else in the world, we are dedicated to finding you the perfect tour destination. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to ride bike, paddle a kayak, hike, or participate in any other sort of active travel. We will introduce you to expert tour companies and ideal tour locations.

Discover the world with Active Travel Tours.

Discover the world with Active Travel Tours.

And what about those of you who want to plan your own active adventures? Don’t worry… We’ve got the details for you also.

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