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May 01

Active Travel Tour Reviews

Finding the Best Active Travel Tours for Your Needs If you’re looking for a great bike tour or a memorable hiking vacation can be difficult. The good news is that there are a lot of great active travel tour companies out there. But finding the right one isn’t always so simple. When searching for the …

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Jul 27

Top Fun Outdoor Activities That You can Do Without Spending Too Much

If you’re working from 8-5 from Monday to Friday, you will feel burned out and tired. If you spend too much time in the office facing your computer, then you need to get out. If you’re too tired to spend time with your family, you need to do activities with them on weekends. You might …

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Jul 16

Is Chartering a Jet Right for Your Active Travel Plans?

jet airliner

How to Look for the Best Jet Charter Company that Fits Your Needs Flying commercial for some individuals and companies is no longer convenient and comfortable. These companies believe that flying on private jet charters is the ultimate travel option. There are no more long lines, no more arriving at the airport three hours before …

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Jun 17

Top 5 Must-try Adventures in Fiji

Adventure is something you can find everyday in Fiji. With its lush islands, stretch of stunning shorelines, ethereal underwater gardens, and pristine tropical scenery, your endless pursuit of adventure will surely be satiated by it. Fiji’s 332 islands offer a plethora of activities and sights that promise to tickle the fancy of tourists and travellers. …

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Jan 23

Cycle Tours Global

Bicycle Tours Find Your Next Cycle Tour. That is the motto for Cycle Tours Global, a website that is just the ticket for those who love to travel and also love to cycle. Global Cycle Tours allows users to choose their next active travel vacation by country, cost, date, duration and even terrain. This wide …

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Apr 16

Malta Bike Tour, Island of Gozo Cycling Vacation

Country Walkers Self-Guided Hiking and Biking Tours Don’t be fooled by the name. Country Walkers provides other tours besides just walking tours. They also offer self-guided biking holidays. If you’re an active travel fan, you’ll drool over Country Walkers 2012 Walking & Biking Self-Guided Tours catalogue. It’s packed full of great hiking & biking tours …

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Apr 15

Sustainable New Zealand Ecotour: Pounamu Trip

Pounamu Eco-Tour – Complete Itinerary 13 days, South Island Eco-Tour Printable Itinerary (PDF) US$5499 + tax Currency Converter The Pounamu is our pioneering, ecologically sustainable ‘Deep Green’ tour. We’ve extensively researched sustainable travel, added the comprehensive knowledge of New Zealand’s most gorgeous, untouched areas that we’ve accrued in our 15 years of running our unique …

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Jan 17

Bike Overnight Tours & Trips

You enjoy active travel tours, but you don’t have the time or money to go on them very often. I have a hunch that keeps a lot of people from enjoying more bike trips and other active travel vacations. Fortunately, there’s a solution to the problem. Overnight Bike Tours Thanks to a fairly new website …

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Jan 12

Active Travel Vacations are “Red-Hot” According to Money Magazine

In a recent Money magazine article, writer Abigail Bassett & Beth Braverman actively touted the benefits of active travel as a way to enjoy a health vacation and to save some money to boot. According to the article, the adventure travel category “has been growing 17% a year, even as economic woes slowed leisure travel…” …

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Oct 14

Find the tour of your dreams on ActiveTravelTours.

Unreasonable Adventures company logo

You can now book the active travel vacation of a lifetime right on ActiveTravelTours.com. We have partnered with Unreasonable Adventures to offer you the opportunity to book your dream tour right here on our website. It’s simple; you can find and book your tour by choosing  your activity or location in the sidebar of just about …

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