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Tour Company Reviews

Active Travel Tour Company Reviews

Whether you are looking for locally owned tour companies or active travel tour consolidators, look no further. has reviews of bike touring companies and other active travel touring businesses. Just hover over the Tour Company Reviews link above to find a list of active travel tour company reviews. Then click on one of the tour company names and read the published touring review.

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Tripsite Bike Tours

Types of Bicycle Tours Offered by Tripsite Tours offers five basic types of bike tours: guided bike tours self-guided bike tours bike & boat tours bike & hotel tours e-bike tours By offering these five different bicycle touring options, Tripsite has pedaling tours for nearly every different level of active traveler. Tripsite works with hundreds of …

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bike on trail through vineyards in Europe

Velociped Tours

Velociped Bike Tours Velocip is a German-based bicycle touring company that has been in business since 1988. They offer both guided tours and self-guided bike tours. (They call their self-guided tours “Individual Bike Tours.”) Velociped also offers both bike trail tours as well as road bike tours. Most of their tours are in Europe, but they also …

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Leonard Pinger Tours

Hotel-Based Bike Tours You are probably familiar with Guided Tours, Self-Guided Tours or Bike-and-Barge Tours. Another less common type of tour is the hotel-based tour. It usually falls under the self-guided tour heading and can be an easy, convenient and efficient bicycle tour. The only way the hotel-based bicycle tours can work well is if …

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