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Leonard Pinger Tours

Ahr Valley trail bridge

Ahr Valley trail bridge

Hotel-Based Bike Tours

You are probably familiar with Guided Tours, Self-Guided Tours or Bike-and-Barge Tours. Another less common type of tour is the hotel-based tour. It usually falls under the self-guided tour heading and can be an easy, convenient and efficient bicycle tour. The only way the hotel-based bicycle tours can work well is if the hotel is conveniently situated in the center of a region that offers numerous different bike touring options. Leonard Pinger Tours and the Leonard Pinger Hotel definitely fall into that category. It is found in the Rhein River Valley in the bustling town of Remagen, Germany.

Remagen, Germany – Bike Tour Central

Leonard Pinger Tours is conveniently located in the town of Remagen, Germany. Remagen is a great location for numerous reasons:

Walled City Entrance

Walled City Entrance

  • train station – Remagen’s railroad station makes it easy for traveling from just about anywhere in Germany and, therefore, the rest of Europe. The Leonard Pinger Hotel is located right across the street from the train station.
  • local tourist attractions – The town of Remagen is a tourist attraction all on its own. It has a local weekend market, a bustling tourist area along the Rhine Promenade and numerous local attractions such as the famous Remagen Bridge (WWII fame), the Friedenmuseum (Peace Museum) and the Apollinaris Church (Apollinariskirche).
  • Rhine River Bike Route – Convenient bike route (mostly trail) on both sides of the river. (More below)
  • Ahr Valley Bike Trail – Beautiful bicycling with lots of great side tours. (More below)
Ahr Radweg bike trail

Ahr Radweg bike trail

Bike Tours in the Remagen Area

Needless to say, Remagen is a great area for bike touring. As with anywhere else in the world, you can find some nice road-bike rides. But what makes Remagen  and the Rhine Valley unique is all the bike trails and cycle paths for bicycle touring. Both the Rhine River and the Ahr River Valley have great pretty decent bike paths available for cycling. The Rhine River Valley has bike trails on both sides of the river, so it’s possible to do some nice loop bike rides of varying lengths. Since these tours are all based out of one area and since there are numerous ride options available, including short bike rides, long bike rides, electric bikes and bike with train options, the Remagen area bike tours can easily suit the needs of all sorts of bicyclists. Here are three popular tours that are available from Remagen. Keep in mind that you can bike as far as you’d like depending on the weather, the time you have available and your own stamina. Also keep in mind that you can bike on either side of the Rhine River, so it is possible to ride this as an out-and-back or as a loop bike ride. If you decide to ride on both sides of the river, you will very likely be using at least one ferry crossing and possibly two. Most ferries cost either €1 or €1.40. Some ferries can give change and others require you to have exact change. And they only accept cash. So plan ahead for ferry fees. Unlike the Mosel River, there aren’t many bridges that cross the Rhine River except in major cities like Koblenz and Bonn.

  • Rhine River Toward Koblenz – Unless you are in pretty decent shape, have lots of time and/or have an e-bike, you probably won’t make it all the way to Koblenz, so plan on two ferry crossings for this route if you want to cycle both sides of the river. Based on that information, the distance for this ride will vary depending on how far you go and how many side trips you take. Two worthwhile towns to visit on your bike ride to/from Koblenz include the wine village of Beubsdorf and the medieval town of Linz. You will find few town entrances more spectacular than the gated entrance to Linz.
  • Rhine River Toward Bonn – Bonn is much easier to reach than Koblenz and is not an overly ambitious ride from Remagen. And once you reach Bonn, you have a couple bridge choices for a free river crossing. I recommend going to the second bridge (Kennedy Bridge) to cross the Rhine. The route to Bonn on the same side of the river as Remagen is nearly all traffic-free bike path and quite easy to follow. Just stay near the river, and you’ve got it made. Along the way, you will see gorgeous buildings and monuments on both sides of the river. Coming back from Bonn can be a little more confusing and involves riding in bike lanes in a couple spots. However, the reward comes when you get to the medieval village of Erpel, right across the river from Remagen. The town square in Erpel is like being transported back to the middle ages. Once you’ve had a beer, wine or pastry in Erpel, head on town to the river to catch a pedestrian/bicycle ferry back over to Remagen. Be sure to check out the Bridge at Remagen and the Friedenmuseum.
  • Ahr Valley Bike Path Tour – You don’t want to miss this bicycle journey. It takes you to a part of Germany that most tourists never see and allows you to explore the peaceful countryside at your own pace. Once again, you have many choices regarding how far, how fast and how much. One of the best parts of the tour is the option of taking a train from Remagen to Ahrbruck. From there, you can choose to continue cycling up the Ahr Valley bike path all the way to Blankenheim or you can immediately begin cycling back down toward Remagen for a mostly downhill bike ride. If you’re a real animal, you can even cycle all the way from Remagen to Blankenheim and back again. Whichever option you choose, you have plenty of side trips to sample including ancient castles, walled cities and even a wine museum. If you choose to explore the wine museum, be sure to speak with Leonard Pinger about a wine sampling tour. Leonard can arrange for your train ticket and even be your tour guide.

    Ahr River Bike Trail

    Ahr River Bike Trail

Leonard Pinger Bike Tour

You can choose to be completely self-guided and just stay at the Leonard Pinger Hotel. If you choose that option, you may also want to rent bikes from the same hotel. Or, better yet, you can book your entire tour either through Tripsite bike tours (U.S. based) or directly from Leonard Pinger Tours. By booking a tour with either of the last two options, you will not only get your lodging, daily breakfasts, one deluxe German dinner and a rental bike, but you will also get an introductory tour packet with suggested routes and attractions.


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